Musik zum Lernen!

Music for Study & Relaxation!

If you guys are like me, you likely enjoy listening to some sort of background music while studying certain language material. Fortunately, there is an increasing amount of music videos online which can help you to create the desired learning mood and environment.

To help kick-start both this blog and the new year, I’ve included some of my favorite YouTube channels which specialize in producing lengthy music videos specifically for your and my study time.

In my opinion, music videos which are more suitable for learning tend to include few if any lyrics, which is the case with most of the videos on the below-listed channels. And they are also usually much lengthier than the average online video – typically lasting over an hour or more. This helps learners to avoid getting taken out of their learning flow by the interruption of constantly cycling playlist videos.

Check out the study music videos which I have selected for you below and let me know what you think. Which one is your personal favorite? Why? Do you also benefit from listening to background music while studying, or do you prefer silence?

Study Music Suggestion #1:
YouTube Channel  = 
In Your Chill 
Video Title = ’24/7 LoFi HipHop Radio – Only LoFi – Beats to Study/Relax/Sleep’

Study Music Suggestion #2:
YouTube Channel  = ChilledCow
Video Title = ‘LoFiHipHop Radio – Beats to relax/study to.’

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