Podcast Find: History of the English Language!

Learn about the history of the English language!

Have you already made the decision to include podcasts in your language learning toolkit? If not, you are really missing out. There are hundreds if not thousands of free podcasts (audio programs for listening practice) related to language learning and all sorts of other interest based topics.

As a language learner, you really should test some podcasts until you find some which both interest you and are relevant to your learning goals. I personally use them for learning a bit of Spanish – not to mention the other non-language oriented podcasts related to various other topics which interest me.

In future blog posts, I am planning to spotlight podcasts which I personally find interesting and look forward to learning about the ones which you have tried. In this particular blog post, I’d like to bring your attention to a really worthwhile podcast which dives into the depths of the history of the English language. It’s a fascinating podcast which even has an accompanying website, transcripts, etc. And, it’s completely free of charge!

You can listen to the podcast online at the below link, and the podcast itself can be downloaded onto a mobile device with a podcast player such as Podcast Republic, which is likewise free. –> http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/episodes/

Please know that this podcast is primarily for a native speaker audience, and there is much historical information to digest, but it can nonetheless be an interesting listen for English language learners whose listening skills are at a rather high level and who wish to better understand why English is the way it is today. Happy listening!

#LernTipp: Explore the ever-expanding plethora of podcasts which are freely available to language learners like you. Keep exploring until you find a few podcasts which you find interesting and enjoyable! 🙂